Villem & McLeod Samples & Sounds Liquid Gold Drum & Bass VOL.5 WAV



Villem & McLeod Samples & Sounds Liquid Gold Drum & Bass VOL.5 WAV

Villem & McLeod Samples & Sounds Liquid Gold Drum & Bass VOL.5 WAV

We have been busy creating more samples for your latest productions. We really wanted to give dusty grooves and breaks the love they deserve. We sourced and sampled many different breakbeats from a diverse array of genres, and gave them a 2017 174bpm Drum & Bass update. These are breaks we’ve not come across before and if you are not used to using breakbeats you’ll be surprised at the feel and groove of a real drummer re-engineered into the Drum & Bass tempo. It’s not all breaks… There are a wide variety of Bass loops, ranging from warm sub tones to heavily distorted synth bass. Each one custom built to fit into the Drum & Bass genre. Also included are folders of evolving Pads, FX, Single Drum Hits, and Arpeggios/Synth Loops. All these total 255 ready to use samples, and we pride ourselves on only including what we would use in own productions. Many other sample packs are larger (and 3 x more expensive) but we believe ours are far more useful and usable, and without filling the pack with oversized and unusable sounds.

255 Sounds

Villem & McLeod have released Drum & Bass music on almost every major label within the scene, and are known for combining their technical knowledge, soulful song craft, and bassline sound design, it was only a matter of time before they ventured into the sample and sound design industry. Using a combination of outboard synths and software processing to bring a soulful yet technical sound thats right up to date with the leading sound designers. Samples are created to easily integrate into your Drum & Bass productions. These are sounds that they use themselves, not the throw away sounds, but the highest quality sounds they create, custom built for others to use.

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