UpNorth Music CastNowski The Factory Sample Pack WAV



UpNorth Music CastNowski The Factory Sample Pack WAV

UpNorth Music CastNowski The Factory Sample Pack WAV

Castnowski presents the ingredients of his Factory Sample Pack to let you build your perfect fire track.

32 Sounds

UpNorth is a full in-house agency which focuses on three main goals: Management, Bookings and Label Management. Founded by Canadian artists CastNowski, Justin Blanc & Kayliox, the agency focus is toward a simple way for the artists signed under it’s banner to navigate the harsh music industry with ease by putting the ressources towards the music itself. Our management services gives our artists a solide direction for social media management, artist development and musical insights. We help to push our artists and help them to collaborate with other people all around the globe by giving them connections, artist liaisons and surrounding them in a creative environment. Our booking services extend to the North American territory however, we are partnering with agencies all around the globe to send people all over the world. We also bring international artists on Canadian and US soil to help them develop in this hard to reach market. Our label UpNorth Music is branded toward the House Music genre. We release and promote a wide variety of songs, from Techno to Bass House. We have a solide PR team working behind us on all major platforms to ensure the best distribution possible of our released music. Finally, UpNorth is a family of artists helping out one another, bringing to this industry a whole new vision, one of cooperation. Through partnerships, relationships will develop and through those relationships, our brand will develop and grow to give our artists the best environment and visibility to show to the world their musical talent and creativity.

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