UNDRGRND Sounds Minimal House & Deep-Tech MULTIFORMAT



UNDRGRND Sounds Minimal House & Deep-Tech WAV

UNDRGRND Sounds Minimal House & Deep-Tech MULTIFORMAT

从某些适当的后开始灵感?然后在受柏林机构(例如de Visionaire和Kater Blau)以及罗马尼亚人的支持者等最小的催眠和深度技术收藏中迷失了最低和深层技术循环的收藏,以及最小声音的罗马尼亚支持者,例如Zip和Raresh。

富含复杂的回避节拍,稀疏的合成器超音速,深度凹槽的贝斯线,左场抽样技术,大气垫,技术性的爆炸和bloops以及各种抽象的FX工具,此包都与深,Dubby和Groove Indected House和Groove Indected House和Groove Indected House和Groove Indected Tools有关技术声音继续在整个欧洲的领导俱乐部中进行配乐。

Drum Loops > Precision-engineered beats spanning the deep and dubby to techy and trippy. All beats are served with the usual stripped stems for maximum beat control.

Bass Loops > Deep subs, digital-funk lines and raw analogue grooves: serious low-end loops with hypnotic power. Key-labeled throughout.

Synth Loops > Sparse synth leads, glitchy bleeps and bloops, spaced-out synths and clinical chords and stabs: key-labeled minimal motifs where less is most definitely more.

Pad Loops > Dark drones, atmospheric chords, sustained strings, subaquatic tones. All key-labeled for convenience.

Background Loops > Processed urban field recordings, analogue feedback loops, degraded tape textures, glitchy rhythmic tools and more.

Vocal Textures > Monologues and conversations sliced, diced and washed out into rhythmic vocal textures and dynamic ambiences perfect for layering deep in the mix for movement and detail.

FX > circuit-bent modulations, dub delay shots and digital gargles to add sonic sorcery to the mix.

Drum Hits > Expertly-crafted drum one-shots fusing classic hardware, found-sound elements and live sounds. A unique selections of deep kicks, sharp hats, tight snares and quirky percussion ready for beat creation. Comes with custom kits for major samplers.

Melodic One-Shots > 50 synth and bass hits ready to load into your sampler of choice so you can write your own minimal melodic motifs and bass grooves with complete ease. Key-labeled throughout. Comes with sampler patches for Kontakt, EXS24 and Ableton Sampler.

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