Sample Anatomy Future Trap & Glitch WAV



Sample Anatomy Future Trap & Glitch WAV

Sample Anatomy Future Trap & Glitch WAV

Sample Anatomy Presents – Future Trap & Glitch. Without a doubt, Trap, Dubstep and GlitchHop are some of the hottest sounds in the electronic music movement. Our latest offering, “FUTURE TRAP & GLITCH” is a construction kit sound library that will fit perfectly into any Trap, GltichHop, Dubstep or Broken Beat producers collection.

This pack sets itself apart through its unique use of twisted textures and glitched out grooves.

Combining the raw power of bass and 808’s with cut up vocals, scorching leads and hypnotic melodies.

These sounds are ready to be made into full length tracks and they are 100% royalty free.

Ready for you to use and abuse!

At Sample Anatomy we love breaking tracks down into their individual pieces and that’s exactly what you will find here.

Future Trap and Glitch is organized by KITS into “Grooves”, a collection of loops that all fit perfectly together, making up the heart of your next track.

You can then pull apart the anatomy of these grooves and use them “as is”, or remix and remangle to your hearts content.

A total of 16 “Grooves” come in two BPM’s to cover the lower and upper tempos: 100 and 140 Beats Per Minute.

In addition there are over 250+ One Shots ready to be loaded into your Sampler of choice!

We’ve got all your critical drums covered from Kicks, Snares, Claps, Toms etc AND we’ve also got special One Shots such as FX Hits, FX Kicks, Lasers and a whole section dedicated to 808’s!

As always, our samples are made using a combination of Analog and Digital processes.

All sounds were carefully cared for, nurtured from the ground up, treated with the best audio processing tools and mastered to the highest standards.


16x Construction Kits:

  •  100 BPM
  •  SA FTAG KIT 01 – Ghost Rider 100bpm Am
  •  SA FTAG KIT 02 – Sex Pixels 100bpm A
  •  SA FTAG KIT 03 – Twilight Trap 100bpm Em
  •  SA FTAG KIT 04 – Spark Plug 100bpm Am
  •  SA FTAG KIT 05 – Glitch Hoppin 100bpm Dm
  •  SA FTAG KIT 06 – Hey Party 100bpm Am
  •  SA FTAG KIT 07 – Sensitive Lasers 100bpm Am
  •  SA FTAG KIT 08 – Cash Twerk 100bpm Gm 140 BPM
  •  SA FTAG KIT 09 – Blunt Time 140bpm Dm
  •  SA FTAG KIT 10 – Laser On Fly 140bpm Em
  •  SA FTAG KIT 11 – The Best 140bpm Gm
  •  SA FTAG KIT 12 – Paris Night 140bpm Gm
  •  SA FTAG KIT 13 – Rollin Deep 140bpm Am
  •  SA FTAG KIT 14 – Fight To Rock 140bpm Am
  •  SA FTAG KIT 15 – Party Up 140bpm Cm
  •  SA FTAG KIT 16 – Tribal Rave 140bpm Gm


  •  808 Drum Kit
  •  Kicks FX
  •  Open Hats
  •  Kicks Clean
  •  Percussion
  •  FX Hits
  •  Snares
  •  Closed Hats
  •  Toms
  •  Claps
  •  TOTALSIZE = 445+MB
  •  All loops and sounds are royalty free and 100% guaranteed ready for your music production projects. Just drag, drop, and go!
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