Mercurial Tones VITAL – Analog Melodic House Preset Pack



Mercurial Tones VITAL - Analog Melodic House Preset Pack

Mercurial Tones VITAL – Analog Melodic House Preset Pack

VITAL Analog Melodic House Presets pack is a powerful new library that combines warm sound of analog classics into the modulation heaven; VITAL, resulting with ultimate modern and warm sounding melodic house preset pack.

Analog wavetables are sampled from Moog Mini, Oberheim SEM, Roland Jupiter 8, Oberheim OB-XA, Roland JX 3P and SH-101 to capture the warm sound and fine details of analog classics. Moreover, there are also additional long pad shots sampled from these instruments to add extra layer to sustained synth sounds.

All Presets have 4 different macros assigned to key parameters to give you instant access to make cutting-edge presets yours and speed up your production process.

VITAL Analog Melodic House Presets pack is created with the most innovative sound design techniques and will help you to jumpstart your productions.

Warm and intriguing presets!

Presets are created by referencing the current top tracks in melodic house & deep house Top 100 lists!

  • 54 vintage analog custom wavetables
  • 30 pad shot samples
  • 104 tailored made, modern and warm melodic house presets to take your productions to the next level
  • 104 MIDI file to help you understand how each presets can be used
  • 104 wav loop to instantly get inspiration for your productions
  • 4 macros are cleverly mapped on every preset. Allowing you to morf each patch at a twist of a dial.


Get analog warmth in VITAL

  • Presets for modern melodic & deep house
    Lead the game by owning state-of-the-art analog emulated house presets.
  • Extensive modulation Innovative modulation to create patches belonging to new techno era.
  • For your next track
  • Get inspired by and create your next tracks with these comprehensive modern preset library.

VITAL – Analog Melodic House Presets

  • Melodic House Presets
  • 54 Analog Wavetables
  • 30 Pad samples
  • 104 Vital Presets
  • 104 Wav Loops
  • 104 MIDI Files

And tons of inspirations for your next melodic, deep or progressive house track.
Explore the modern melodic house sound of Mercurial Tones – VITAL Analog Melodic House Preset Pack.

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