Ghosthack Origin Chapter 1 Arctic [WAV MIDI]



Ghosthack Origin Chapter 1 Arctic [WAV MIDI]

Ghosthack Origin Chapter 1 Arctic [WAV MIDI]

Sound Makes the Scene. Arctic Will Make Your Scenes Epic!
Chapter one of the epic and sprawling Ghosthack Origin collection is entitled Arctic. This incredibly comprehensive set consists of more than 10GB of immersive sound design and transcending composition, conjuring moods and aesthetics of cold, harsh, barren landscapes, and the crippling loneliness of extreme isolation.

Featuring 10 full music construction kits, 5 ambient music construction kits, supporting percussion stems and cinematic sound effects, Arctic is built to make your music-making journey intuitive, organic and inspiring. Each sound, stem and corresponding MIDI files are all in the same key and and BPM, making it seem like there is never any limit to what you can create as you return to this immense collection again and again.

Instantly transport your audience to far away places with engrossing soundscapes and moving melodies. Each theme in the construction kits may be its own, but when you begin to co-mingle the various parts from different themes you start to experience something entirely new. Something that has not been created before in quite the same way. And yet, there is still continuity and common threads running through all of it. So you are able to easily create your own worlds and experiences in them.

The spectrum of instruments, textures and effects used in the production of Arctic is truly impressive. You will be hard-pressed to find another pack like it, outside of the Ghosthack Origin collection that is. Featuring sounds from around the world, it weaves an enchanting web of possibilities.

A very deep and rich production experience is awaiting you in Arctic. Once you dive in, you won’t stop. It will pull you back. And your audience will not forget it either. This is truly a must-have addition for anyone producing for screen. But it is also incredibly inspiring and just as relevant for general music production.

Arctic is 100% royalty-free and all content included is cleared for use in your projects, big or small. We’d love to know what how you’re using the collection. Send a message our way so we can check it out!

Content [65BPM – A Minor]:

  • 10 Construction Kits with 552 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
  • 5 Dramatic Kits with 176 STEMs (wet & dry) & MIDI
  • 20 Arctic Impacts (wet & dry option)
  • 30 Sound FX (wet & dry option)
  • 10 Percussion STEMs
  • Total Files: 838
  • Total Size: 10.3GB
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