F9 Audio F9 TRAX: Electric Disco WAV



F9 Audio F9 Trax Electric Disco WAV

F9 Audio F9 TRAX: Electric Disco WAV

F9 is very proud to present TRAX Electric Disco. An exceptionally forward thinking way to deliver world class Royalty free Audio, Midi, Sampler instruments as well as genre specific musical and technical knowledge direct to your own creative space.

5 Complete DAW and fully customisable projects take you though Roots and Nu Disco all the way to Disco House and the Electric Funk flavours of Minneapolis that have exploded over the last few years

If you’ve ever wondered how to get the musically rich chord sequences used in Disco, how to mix and balance a Nu Disco production correctly or getting stuck on arrangements then this is an essential purchase. Nearly all the principal musical elements you hear in the demos are driven from multi-sampled instruments and Midi data giving the user exclusive and un-rivalled insider knowledge and control to tear this down and build it back up.The Midi data in this release Offers exceptional insight into the voicing and musical tricks associated with Disco along it’s 40 year history

These 5 projects are heavily built on Multi-sampled patches making this the most flexible sample pack we’ve released so far. Channel strip settings / Live racks are also included so you can add the instruments and their processing to your own productions. some highlights of the patches include :

WAV pack

  • 1.42 Gb 24 Bit Audio
  • 149 Drum and Fx Loops
  • 118 Key and Synth loops
  • 31 Guitar Loops
  • 57 Bass Loops
  • 166 Drum Hits
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