Electronisounds Kick Tweaker Hardcore Loops WAV



Electronisounds Kick Tweaker Hardcore Loops WAV

Electronisounds Kick Tweaker Hardcore Loops WAV

Kick Tweaker – Hardcore Loops is a collection of 100 hardcore kick drum loops at 174bpm. These are the most extreme kick drums I’ve ever made. This collection is not for the faint of heart – these loops will straight up knock you over, then make you want to get back up and jump! These samples are for fearless hardcore tempo warriors who like it Fast and Hard. All Loops at 174bpm. The kick loops are driving, saturated, unforgiving, nasty, huge, deep, distorted, stanky, mean and downright crusty! They are meant to take up a LOT of the frequency spectrum and do not need a lot of extra content over them to get the floor going. Drop a donk or a sick acidline and a few other drum/percussion sounds over these kick loops and you’re ready to go!

100 Sounds

Hello! My name is Dean Daughters (aka Junebug) I’m an unstoppable sound designer and electronic music producer dedicated to expanding YOUR sound palette. I started Electronisounds in 1994 and have produced over 100 sample packs and vst sound banks! These days you have many, many choices for samples and presets and my goal is still to create UNIQUE SOUNDS that will inspire you to create tracks that you can be proud of.

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