BFA Mercury: Modern 80’s Pop WAV



BFA Mercury: Modern 80\'s Pop WAV

BFA Mercury: Modern 80’s Pop WAV

Mercury: Modern 80s Pop is a massive 19 GB collection (8.16 GB of 24-bit WAV Files) of Indie, Pop Rock, and Pop styles, showcasing artists and groups like The 1975, Lorde, Harry Styles, The Neighbourhood, Lany, Wallows, Imagine Dragons, and Beck!

This library contains an enormous collection of 100% real electric guitars and basses (Amped and DI). The playing styles vary from picking and rhythm, strumming and arpeggios, to screaming melodies and leads. Analog and digital synths are a huge part of this product as well. You can expect to see instruments like Synth Jupiter, Synth Arp, Synth Chords, Synth Stabs, Synth Bells, Synth Sweep, and Pads. On top of that, there is a hefty amount of vocal chops, licks, and hooks. You can use one vocal hook and build your song around it or use multiple vocal hooks to create something new.

This product comes with a ton of loops broken out into song sections (Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Bridge/Breakdown, Solo, and Outro), giving you the ability to mix, re-arrange, and tweak endlessly. Stick with the song form we’ve laid out or change it up to fit an existing project.

Mercury: Modern 80s Pop contains Drum Tracks and Drum Hits, which give you the freedom to create amazing drum and percussion grooves quickly and easily. The Drum Tracks and Drum Hits folders in each kit have drum and percussion pieces (kick, snare, hihat, shaker, tambourine, toms, percussion, bongos, snaps, and more) that you can use individually or mix and match to create a variety of grooves and rhythmic textures.

Acidized WAV:

  • 8.16 GB Total Content
  • 2,260 Files
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