A Sound Effect Coll Anderson – Battle Crowds WAV




A Sound Effect Casoundinc The Battle Crowd Core WAV

A Sound Effect Coll Anderson – Battle Crowds WAV

‘Battle Crowds’ by Coll Anderson from C.A Sound, Inc. is the most extensive battle crowd and civilian sound effects library on the internet.

Perfect for films, games and creative advertisements it Contains Over 9 GB+ of High-Quality Battle Crowds, civilian sound effects (Walla) and foley in 500+ source files.

Recorded entirely at 96k / 24bit with over 100 people in a highly-controlled outdoor environment, this library contains over 700+ royalty-free source files and thousands of sonic variations – ranging from male, female, soft, hard, high, low and mid-ranged vocal dynamics.

This collection of pre-edited source recordings has everything you need to audibly re-construct just about any type of battle or civil-unrest scene.

Both small crowds and large-sized crowds, mid-ranged and quiet murmurs. Agony Screams, Angry Jeering, Angry Protest Yelling, Battle Approach, Battle Celebration, Battle Celebration Waves, Battle Cry, Battle End Agony Moans, Battle Movement Forrest, Battle Movement Pass, Battle Steady Fighting, Begging, Begging Unrest. Coughing, Death Impact Yell Multiple, Death Impact Yell Single, Feet Battle Movement Forrest, Feet Fast Battle Movement Forrest, Feet Forrest Movement, Female Celebration Scream, Human Group Cry Out Injury, Jeering Unrest, Large Battle Steady, Marching Metal Jog, Marching Metal Jog to Stop, Marching Puddle Mud, Men Working Walla, Protest Unrest, Small Approach Forrest, Trauma Scream, Unrest Misery, Unrest Murmur, Walking Puddle Mud, Women Begging, Women Sobbing, Women Working Walla, Human Breathing.

Call Outs: Begging for Meat, Trade for Food, Bring That Here, Food is for Fighters Only, Get Back, Give Us the Girl, Help Make Weapons, Hold, Hold Your Ground, In the Hole, Meat, Meat is for Fighters Only, More Weapons Here, Move the Steel Here, No Food For You, Out of the Way, Over Here, Stack Those Logs, Stay Back, Steady, Trade Her for Food.

Easily import these files right into your production and start using them TODAY.

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